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Who we are:

Clarion Cooperative is a collaborative, wide-ranging group of Clarion County citizens. The LLC is a small, diverse business that is veteran owned*.


We are motivated to help individuals, organizations, and communities thrive by sharing technology and techniques customized by the Clarion Cooperative team. 

Our vision and mission:

Our vision is a diverse and sustainable Clarion County. We want our communities filled with happy people who are living their purpose to the fullest potential.

Our mission is to share talent to help business in our communities grow so that we can all share in the wealth that is produced.

We are sounding the clarion call - inviting others to learn about the wild and wonderful things Clarion County has to offer.  Clarion County is a beautiful place to get away from it all. We know people can live here comfortably, enjoying the culture and amenities available near a thriving college town while still being close to nature. We're an easy drive from the hustle and bustle of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and even NY.

*VOB and SDB application in process
Camp Happy
Clarion PA

We envision an opportunity to help our county grow and thrive through the use of technologies, old (like mindfulness) and new (digital).


We think that the economic growth of Clarion County will be able to provide a promise to our youth that they will have access to training and financial resources to pursue education after high school.


Portions of our income are given to Bridge Builders Community Foundation to support these efforts.


Clarion Cooperative welcomes youth talent to learn and grow in a mentoring relationship; we value their unique perspectives and contributions to our team.


For instance, CS, IT, and advertising students can learn and run a/b testing for marketing solutions and app and website design. Marketing students can help analyze and improve SEO and other social media. Writing students can contribute blog posts. Human resources and management students can develop training manuals.  

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